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Drunk Driving, DWI And DUI Offenses In Lexington Kentucky

Have you been arrested for driving drunk? Are you facing a DWI charge? The experienced DWI attorneys at Anggelis & Gordon have tried hundreds of DWI/DUI cases and achieved a "not guilty" verdict for clients. With over 30 years of experience practicing law, we always strives to obtain the best possible result. We can handle cases involving misdemeanor DWI/DUI and felony DWI/DUI charges. 

What The Law Office of Anggelis & Gordon Can Do For You

Through the defense process, the Law Office of Anggelis & Gordon can challenge the probable cause of the police officer. This includes:

  • The validity of the DWI/DUI arrest

  • Reliability of the breathalyzer (breath test)

  • The reliability of any blood tests

  • Knowledge of the officer to accurately perform field sobriety tests

  • Challenging witnesses' and expert witness' credibility

  • Investigate any attempts to have inappropriately obtained evidence sealed or suppressed

Evidence Plays A Key Role In Your DUI Defense

If the evidence is too strong, the DUI attorneys at Anggelis & Gordon are experienced negotiators. We work with the prosecutor to agree on a reduced charge, reduced sentence or reduced fine. 

For experienced criminal defense of your DWI/DUI in the Lexington Kentucky, including Fayette, Jessamine, Woodford, Scott & Franklin counties contact The Law Office of Anggelis & Gordon.

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